Tamiya M8 Greyhound Group Build: Detailing the Upper Hull

In this session we’ll complete detailing the upper hull. For the most part this portion of the build will focus on Steps 9-11 in the kit instructions. To complete detailing of the upper hull I’ll be using detail parts from the Verlinden Productions (VP1453) M8 Interior/Exterior Detail Set, Aber (35072) M8 Greyhound PE Detail Set, Eduard (35200) M8 Greyhound PE Set, Formations Sherman Siren Assortment (F046), Formations US Cables and Clamps (F013), Formations Sherman Pioneer Tools with Straps (F018) and parts from the spares box.

In the last installment of this project build we discussed detailing the interior. At that point I had not assembled the upper hull (part C8), upper hull plate (part D26), engine compartment hatches (parts C3 and C4) and the armored covers for the engine compartment hatches (part A23). These assemblies are covered in Steps 7 and 8 in the kit constructions. These assemblies are very straight forward and should present no problems.

Download the PDF for Part 4, Detailing the Upper Hull.

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