Tamiya M8 Greyhound Group Build: Building the Driver's Area

In this installment I'll be using detail parts from the Verlinden Productions M8 Interior/Exterior Detail Set (VP1453), Aber M8 Greyhound Detail Set (35072), Eduard M8 Greyhound Set (35200) and parts from the spares box. The kit provides very little in the way of detail for the driver's compartment other than seats, gear shift, steering column and instrument panel. However, there is a considerable amount of detail in the M8 driver's compartment. The challenge for the modeler is to figure out how much detail is visible if you leave the hatches open, and of that, how much you want to show.

A problem I ran into with using various detailing sets was one of consistent scale. I'm more convinced than ever that all 1/35th scale detail is not created equal. I've spent some time looking at pictures of the driver's compartment to figure out just how and where all the detail is placed on the hull side walls. For the most part, there is/was some standardization to this placement...

Read the complete narrative by downloading the PDF for Part 2, building the driver's area. Photos and build notes from group members are below, as well as a build blog by member Mark Groth.

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