Tamiya M8 Greyhound Group Build: Building the Suspension

General: Before we start, each of you will need to make a decision on how much detail you want to add to your M8. For example, if you're going to add an engine compartment you'll need to do so during Step 1 as you'll need to remove part of the lower hull tub (part C16) and floor plate (part D32). You'll need to consult the directions for your aftermarket engine compartment to determine just what and how much to remove.

Likewise, if you're going to build your M8 with the fenders removed then you'll need to add some additional details to the lower hull and suspension. Steps 1-3 are the best place to add this detail as lower hull and suspension parts are exposed and allow easy access. I plan to leave the fenders off my M8 so I'll include the details in this description of the project build.

Additionally, there are a lot of seam lines to clear-up in Steps 1-4. This is more critical if you leave the fenders off as many of the suspension parts are somewhat exposed to the flashlight of an inquisitive judge. I elected to clean-up and build the suspension as one step. I did this because building the suspension is the most critical part of constructing a wheeled vehicle. The suspension must be square with all the wheels touching the ground...

Download the complete PDF for Part 1, building the suspension and lower hull. Photos and build notes from group members are below.

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Notes from the group:

  • Working with the Verlinden interior by John Ratzenburger Verlinden InteriorI started mine by trying to slice off part of a finger cutting the engine compartment floor out for the Verlinden aftermarket set. At least I kept the blood off the carpet. I have no idea why I got it into my head that a detailed engine compartment would be a good thing but there you go... I had some difficulty right off the bat as the Verlinden instructions say to cut out a hatched area but preserve the cross-member, but the hatched area includes the cross member. After much puzzling I simply decided to take out the whole floor and then put back what I needed. Right now I'm staring at a very thick resin backing sheet for the engine compartment walls, knowing this will be a long and difficult sanding project.

    I'm trying to kill two birds and have an AMPS 2012 theme build, so I'm doing the T-69, a quad .50 cal mount on the M-8. Unfortunately, it is not the M45/M55 quad .50 cal mount, but a completely one-off that I will have to scratch build using a few photos from Hunnicutt's Armored Car book. Anyway, right now I'm at various places in the first half-dozen steps with two goals. Make some progress along the lines of your syllabus, and figure out how to "design" my turret. So I have the upper deck parts and the turret ring fitted and am doing measurements. I think I can use the basic turret ring as the basis for my turret by just adding a 5/32" ring around that. Since I have no good interior shots, I'm just guessing on most of this, trying to arrange the gunners seat, etc. Almost none of the Dragon M55 trailer kit is useful, but I'm still playing around.

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